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Mood films • Radio/TV-commercials • Corporates • Educational films • TV-programmes • Animation • Aftermovies • Video clips • Documentaries • Screencasts • Virals • Trailers • Teasers • Video messages • Voice-overs

We develop and execute. We work from A to Z. From concept to final product and everything in between. We take care of the entire project or, if needed, only a particular piece of the puzzle, like translation, subtitles, casting or voice-over.

Concept & Creation

A powerful concept provides energy. We would love to help you by providing creative ideas, clear scripts, sharp storyboard and strong one-liners.


If you’re enthusiastic about a concept, we’ll move ahead. Our experienced producers will arrange anything. Truly anything.


Your initial request is our starting point. If we believe that video or audio isn’t the best solution to your problem, we’ll tell you. Together we can come up with a concept that fits your needs perfectly.


Animation clarifies and strengthens your message. Even when it concerns a comprehensive, abstract question. With animation, everything is possible. And we’ll provide them tailored, either in 2D or 3D.


Radio commercials, voice-overs and audio recordings. Our audio booth will provide a sound so clear you can hear a pin drop. For whoever prefers to do it themselves, our studios are for rent.


Everything comes together in the final edit. Your story will come to life by carefully selecting and deleting. And to further strengthen your story, we also offer the possibility to colour grade your images.

Full­ service production company

We believe in working smart. Small if possible, large if needed.
At Starsound Productions, you’ll find everything you need under the same roof. And we almost always start by making a solid concept. We do this by ourselves or by co-creating with our client. After the idea has been created, we arrange everything. We make sure everything is set, being it either on location or in the studio. As soon as we have the recorded footage, we’ll do the editing and finishing touches in-house. We believe in full service. This way, we are able to maintain quality easier. And we are able to make it easy for our clients as well.
The best people

Our production team selections are based on the creative demands of a process, not the other way around. That is why we will only provide an art director, voice-over or animator if you truly need one. We are able to choose the best people to do the right job. And this makes it easier on the budget as well.

In-house studios

We aim high. Especially when it comes to quality. If you want to do well, you’ll have to stay on top of things.
After filming stunning footage, we look for the right vibe in the edit. That’s why we perfect our productions in-house. The beauty of this is that we’re not dependant on others. We’re able to get the best out of our work, because we’re more flexible. On top of that, our way of work is also very efficient and cost friendly.
Our own productions

In our studios we develop music compositions, documentaries, talk shows and animated series. These have been a global success for years. Our animated series ‘the Cubeez’ has been a hit among young children in more than 58 countries.


Tell us your story, and we’ll make it into something beautiful.


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